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Benalla Ceramic Mural

Benalla Ceramic Mural, Benalla

Benalla Ceramic Mural

Mair Street, Benalla

This community project and public space has intrigued all who have explored it. Created by skilled and unskilled artists alike with recognised input from aboriginal groups the curvaceous terracotta clay Ceramic Mural with its collanades, cave seats, "thongaphones" and amphitheatre invites the curious to explore its many features.

Much of the ceramic work was completed by local artist Judy Lorraine and was begun in 1983 with funding from the Australia Council Community Arts Board. The mural evokes the structures and spaces created by the celebrated Spanish artist Antoni Gaudí.

Opened in 2010 following 27 years of growth, it will never stop amazing, take the time to stop and explore.